A P element vector with a white selectable marker for expressing open reading frames under heat shock control.

Two segments of the hsp70 gene were inserted between the EcoRI and PstI sites of pCaSpeR. The hsp70 promotor (from 87C1), extending from the XbaI site at -245 to the XmnI site at +207, was inserted upstream from the hsp70 3' region (from 87A7). This 3' region was excised from pHT4 (Schneuwly et al. Nature 325: 816-818) as a 525 bp EcoRI - PstI fragment, extending from the SalI site at the stop codon to approx. 350 bp downstream from the poly A addition site. A polylinker containing 7 unique sites (underlined) can be used to insert an open reading frame for expression.
This vector is described in Thummel and Pirrotta (1992) DIS 71: 150.
GenBank accession number: U59056